...The intuition received...

I am a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and I wanted to explain why I chose to follow this path. […]
This book takes time to digest the words and I don’t use that word, digest, lightly. I learned how little […]
Must read to understand the negative effects of children NOT playing in nature such as ADD, ADHD, PTSD, depression, and […]
Be still, listen, breathe, feel, see with eyes and heart, soak in the gifts of Nature’s wisdom and healing.
Breath stood frozen in mid-air, and—still—they came. Sunset marked the end of day, and—still–they came. Blankets bundled over coats and […]
When my skin is no longer soft and supple, but textured and my body unadorned by gold, red, green, yellow; […]
Love ROCKS! In the middle of nowhere U.S.A., in a dry gulch, love finds a way. In a sagebrush on […]
I went into the storm. Rain embraced me. Wind dried me. Sunlight warmed me. Moonlight comforted me. Stars waltzed with […]