I am a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and I wanted to explain why I chose to follow this path. First, I learned nature’s healing power very early. There was a great deal of trauma for me growing up. I understood even then that nature saved my life. Second, I learned (and remember what I learned) more from nature than school. I do not write that as a slight against educators. I write it as a tribute to Mother Nature. Third, during times of great duress, I went to nature and felt complete acceptance, safety, and tenderness and no judgment. Reading, Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv has opened my understanding to that reciprocity, “…the protective impact of nearby nature is strongest for the most vulnerable children–those experiencing the highest levels of stressful life events.” Fourth, my commitment to families and children started after I certified as a Guide during what is commonly referred to as a medicine walk. I see the disconnect that is epidemic. The the anxiety, stress, and severe loneliness related are destroying children and adults alike. I commit to do all I can to bring families and lives back together by partnering with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Guides open doors and Nature does the therapy.


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