Nature to heart connection…

We’ve all felt it. We can’t quite put our finger on it. There’s just something missing that creates an emptiness within us. We might try to fill that hole with something or someone that may make the feeling worse, but there is a place to go where the clock in our head stops ticking and the hole in our heart stops hurting. That place is nature. When we go outside our mind and go into our senses, which we do almost immediately in a natural setting, a bond forms, connecting human heartbeat to Nature’s heartbeat; heart song to heart song.

…Heart to Art Connection

In your busy life, you are left with very little time for true self-expression. Our retreat provides a safe environment to express yourself artistically. An opportunity for your soul to be heard. You will be given invitations to create, that will help you clear your mind and enter a space of healing and self understanding. Even if you feel like you’re not an artist, that’s ok! The power of creating is in the process not in the finished product. And, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you create!

Meet Your Presenters

SAndra bosteder

Hi I want to tell you just a bit about why I started Nature’s Healing Embrace. As a child, I didn’t understand why I sat under cedars taming wild cats, wandered mountainsides, snuggled among branches of cotton woods, or played in and drank muddy creek water. As a young teen, I ran with antelope, walked miles and miles through sagebrush, and touched the moon as it slowly crept atop a butte where I stood in the dark alone…always alone. It wasn’t until more recently when I read Richard Louve’s, Last Child in the Woods, that I understood I was one of those “most vulnerable children” that nature protected, healed, and embraced. 

My story is not one of sadness, but of gratitude. Nature was my escape, refuge, and (most importantly) imagination-filled, wonder-full playground. Connecting with nature’s spirit taught me to connect with my own. 

Mine, like everyone’s, is an ongoing journey of learning. My hope is to introduce those whose heart song calls them, to nature’s healing path. My belief is that within nature are the best schools, the best health programs, the best relationship healing methods, and the best self-help modalities available. 

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports those ideas, and in my experience as a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, the proof is clearly in the pudding (results). I am thrilled to share something that for centuries was understood as THE way to learn, connect, and heal. I am so excited to meet you!

Andrea Baird

My name is Andrea Baird, owner of Painted Bloom Farm located on the outskirts of Twin Falls, Idaho. I am a devoted mother and grandmother, an artist and art mentor, and flower farmer. I am currently in the process of earning my Nature-Based Teacher Certification.

I love the light in the eyes of children, bird songs at twilight, and watching things grow. I am healed by the smell of the forest, and I love stories. Especially true ones. 

Having been widowed in 2018, I am learning how to swim again. I believe I have perfected the dog paddle. Life is a deeply beautiful, and deeply painful journey. I find meaning in life by using my personal experiences to help others, and I believe wholeness is possible in a broken world.

My mission is to help facilitate wholeness and healing for myself and others through art and nature connection. 

I believe in you! Your story matters. Let’s Paint!

upcoming event!
September 30th & October 1st

 – Heart to Art Connection will include –

Natural Connection

Introspection through Art

Wonder Wander

Art-Contour of Nature

Food Forage

Nature notes

Nature’s Perpetual Playground

Hearth side 

Our other senses

And Much More!!