...The intuition received...

I used to think I had to chase heaven. Like the elusive mechanical rabbit chased by trained greyhound, the promised […]
A few weeks ago Jennifer Anderson and I co-guided for a group of young folks, all of whom are experiencing […]
Birds are one of natures most fascinating personalities. Their songs, curiosity, actions bring peace, laughter, gentleness, and learning. I have […]
Late spring brought a chill in the morning and warm skies in the afternoon. It was another fantastic experience to […]
M. Amos Clifford, author of this book, is one of my heroes. He committed his life to bringing the modality […]
My new mantra is We not Me. I have found in nature that I am never alone and that has […]
This book gives the science behind what our brain does on Nature and it is a wonder.
This book is for those who want a truly difficult challenge. It is also a wonderful source from which to […]
This is another great book that gives the science behind trees and the communication skills, nurturing skills, and other secrets […]
Go Home to Your Heart I lay on the bed where my mama used to lay, listening to music my […]